A Moment’s Moment

For my love I sigh

Until in joy I die…


“HenLegs” (c) 2009


He drinks me like a warrior

 in full primal stride

Leaving my senses quivered

 my soul badged with pride

Over wrinkled creases

he lingers in the scent of me

I succumb in soft nakedness

longing for all the world to see.


My love and I

entangled  beneath the sheets

Laughing in wetness

above the bustling streets

I sigh into his warmth

as manliness awaits

My lips loving him

with the shuddering it creates.


Enveloped two as one

under the carved olden ceiling

Our secret never revealed

beyond our own private screaming!


Do you feel better sharing or keeping a secret?

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7 Responses to A Moment’s Moment

  1. WOW, . . !!!

    DEAD ON, ..!!!

  2. Henie says:


    Oh, new discoveries of self and mind creates the shuddering for certain! :~) I do miss you! I miss Sunday sunrises at the beach…

  3. Henie says:


    The only way is to listen and do from the heart! Thank you for appreciating my writings…it means so much to me that you do! Hugs!

  4. Henie says:


    I truly appreciate your perspective on what I write! Thank you for always stopping in! Life’s been on high speed for me lately and I’m unable to slow it down…phew! Hugs!

  5. stramineous says:

    4’ 11” with extremely longs legs…

    Creating shuddering again?…. Good for you, Sweetheart… You are the master at that… Not just with your lips, but with your mind as well…

  6. Hennie,
    Don’t know how I got so far behind but I did. Words spoken from the heart filled with sensuality. How we can all learn to more awake and open to feeling with our heart and soul. And sharing with our heart and soul.
    Your words and photos are amazing.

  7. Wow Henie,

    This was so raw and primal, and full of sexual energy. You’re certainly growing more open in your sharing and that’s wonderful in leading the way to allow other people to experience and share their feelings too. I love coming here to read your take on life from such a unique, beautiful perspective.

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