The So in Social and the Me in Media

We are disconnected

by the very devices

that connect us!

BEhind the wHole (c) 2010

Saying goodbye is never easy…especially within the social media realm…and I squirm as I write the words social media.

Yes, it’s true! As an avid participant in social media, I am swirling out of control trying to grasp why I am in it in the first place. What worked in the beginning has now become a steel ball pressing against my soul!

Everyday and every moment, I am bombarded by well meaning individuals sharing what’s right, and insistently, what’s wrong! And I have done my equal share of bombastic behaviour!

When I started, I wanted 3 specific things…

To Learn

Oh, how I wanted it all…all was literally at my fingertips and wishing, if only my brain could keep up! I wanted to learn about art; about photographyabout marketing; about wine; about writingthe list is endless! But most of all, I wanted to learn about people and about myself.

To Help

Undoubtedly the best part of my experience within social media is finding and recognizing a platform that enables all of us to help one another! Whether it be for personal causes, spreading the word about social good , giving added visibility to non-profits or giving voice to the homeless to name just a few. We all know the power, when used for finite good, is beyond compelling comprehension and fulfillment!

To Have Fun

Meeting people is fun! Period! Expressing our uniqueness in unison is suddenly possible! Even our differences can now foster enhancement rather than estrangement, but wishing we did this more. And who can’t live without the waterfall of quotes and funny random thoughts and even complaints? We have become one big family of brothers and sisters, sitting around the great living room, discussing & cussing…crying and laughing all at the same time! Yeah, it’s fun!

So why do I want to say goodbye? I don’t really know for one good reason right now, but I know I must! When I attend events and walk away not knowing why I was there in the first place and what the ultimate cause for good behind it is, then it is time to diverge…simply, the clamor is deafening!

So, damn you SOcial MEdia! Who are you anymore and where the hell are we going?

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And since I love music so much, this is the song I found to partner with this post…please enjoy! Thank you!

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6 Responses to The So in Social and the Me in Media

  1. Henie says:

    Hi Annette…

    Yes please…we need to get together soon…the beach is waiting for you!

    I have not made it to any event for awhile…just so many every night and sometimes 2-3 in one night…phew! You are smart to limit your attendance.

    ok…next stop will be motherlode chocolate cake! :~)

  2. Henie says:

    Sweet friend Daphne!

    You always come around when I need you most…thank you so much! Yes, sometimes I get too entangled for my own good…re-emerging however is always refreshing…just need to re-charge and re-focus.

    How have you been? Hope all is well! Hugs!

  3. Henie says:


    Yes, needing respite now and again is a good thing but I will definitely miss you too, along with other wonderful friends.

    Thank you…I do have all your contact info…please take care! :~)

  4. Annette says:

    I’ll miss you for sure, but we have each other’s numbers, so there is no excuse to not stay in touch.

    And I totally get needing a break, one reason why I attend only about one event a month. Burnout is entirely too easy.


  5. Daphne says:


    I’ve never been active on social media sites and sometimes feel that I should. Reading your post makes me feel better actually, because I know I’ve been too involved in such things before, literally sucked into some sort of vortex and it takes a shock of some sort for me to leave it behind. Hope you find some balance soon, and find your ME again.

  6. John Haydon says:

    Henie – breaks are a good thing. We’ll miss you! Please email or call me anytime – ok?

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