I’m Blind but the Revolution Isn’t!

When I was asked to review the new Revolution by LG on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, I fretted a little bit…ok, I fretted a lot!

I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to stand behind the product, especially if it couldn’t perform to my necessary expectations.

I transitioned quite smoothly since I am a “Droid” user and the added features on the Revolution made my experience that much more enjoyable and lightning fast! While I may not possess the language to give it a proper technical thumbs up, let me just say that I LOVE IT!

The most wonderful irony of this whole thing is that I am a photographer, albeit, a blind one…so I concentrated on really testing the camera features, spending an entire day using it to document the things that the naked eye would normally not see in essence and composition.

As a visually impaired photographer, I rely entirely on my camera’s built-in ability to capture what I “feel” is before me…and the rest comes purely from soul…that of the camera and mine, respectively.

And to push it all to the next level, macro photography is my passion, requiring a special lens to make those wondrous miniscule things appear larger than life!

Enough with words…allow me to share with you what the Revolution captured…keeping in mind, that I never ever alter my photographs because I believe that sometimes, it is the very flaw in things that show us the perfection of what’s within…and BTW, I managed to capture two little bugs no bigger than a pin head (the third one, simply a voyeur)…cavorting inside of a beautiful flower!

“The3″ (c) 2011

“2+Voyeur” (c) 2011

“InPurity” (c) 2011

“AntsPlayGround” (c) 2011

“SerenityRows” (c) 2011

“PastThePink” (c) 2011

“YellowYell” (c) 2011

“Purpleness” (c) 2011

“UnderBeauty” (c) 2011

“OatM” (c) 2011

“BlueCrossed” (c) 2011

“What’sThePoint” (c) 2011

“BeyondInside” (c) 2011

“Craned” (c) 2011

“ReVolution” (c) 2011

There you see it!! The Revolution is not only a great phone but a fabulous camera to carry with you at all times!

Lucky me, I get to keep it by sharing with you how fantastically it works! :)

P.S. Can you guess what the last photo is? (“ReVolution”)

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12 Responses to I’m Blind but the Revolution Isn’t!

  1. Henie says:

    Thank you for your kind words of appreciation Al! So great to see you here! :-)

  2. Al Boudreau says:

    Your work is SOOOO beautiful, Henie. What a fab eye you have. I’m off to follow you on Twitter. BTW, my handle is @threecifer Cheers.

  3. Henie says:

    Antonia!!! I am thrilled to see you here! Yes, thank you, all photos taken with a camera phone:) The last one is of a dirty orange cone, fallen on it’s side:) Strange , I know, but a lot of fun how I see things:) Thanks again for stopping in lovely!

  4. EdenSol says:

    Hello Lovely Henie,

    Gorgeous!! I Love photographs of the inside of flowers, and you did an Amazing job.. with a phone?? Fantastic!

    The last one.. is it a shell?

  5. Henie says:

    Actually DC…it’s looking through an orange cone on it’s side:) Thanks for guessing…great to see you here! Yakap!

  6. The last photo: looking through the stem of a plant?

  7. Henie says:

    Yes Gina…a phone camera…totally diggin it! So happy to have it in my back pocket instead of lugging around all my other photog equipment! :) Love seeing you here! Thanks so much for coming by! Hugs!

  8. Henie says:

    Hi Gina! LOL! I LOVE how creative you are!!! “Hopeful” indeed! (Wish I would’ve thought of that!) :) Thank you for stopping by!

  9. gina says:

    wow hennie! you did that w/a phone? way awesome :) and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are a photog — i think you rock! keep it up… xoxo

  10. Fantastic photos regardless of the equipment, Henie! I’m thinking an alternate title for “Voyeur” would be: “Hopeful” haha. Thank you for sharing your suuperb talent! xo G

  11. Henie says:

    Thank you so much Iggy! :)

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